Blue Bicycle Books

On King Street in Charleston, there is a bookstore called Blue Bicycle Books. This bookstore looks small from the outside but has depth. Within this bookstore, they have what I would call a shrine for Yall fest. You see they are a part of Epic Reads’ event in Charleston called Yall Fest. The interior took my breath away as I would like to believe it does to other people.

You see this bookstore has its own signature look of elegance. But who would expect anything else on King Street?

This bookstore has two big rooms full of books connected by a hallway. Within this hallway is three rooms. Each room is dedicated to certain genres and certain things. One is dedicated to wars and hunting, one is dedicated to children (with a teepee!), and the third is dedicated to something of a study room. I didn’t get to talk to the two girls behind the counter but they were nice to the other gentleman that came in to take photos.

This bookstore took my breath away so much that it now tops my list of favorite bookstores at number one.

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