The Unexpected: He’s a Poet

I went to the library for a book and came back with four books. While I was browsing the teen section a gentleman came out of a room between the shelves. He must have seen me and decided I would be a good choice for what he needed. You see he needed someone to ask him questions off-screen about his new book that is being published on February 1st. This gentleman that came so unexpectedly out of this room was a poet by the name Shawn Richardson.

Shawn wanted me to ask him questions about his book because he was doing a video. I agreed and when we were talking I let him know I had a YouTube channel and Blog. They were surprised that the one person they came across was the one person they would need for what they were doing.

I really enjoyed spending time with these two gentlemen (one being the man behind the camera, David) as they did this video. I came up with questions to ask and Shawn was a natural at answering them. He knew himself and knew how to carry himself. I can honestly say I will be looking for him to grow beyond small time to be as big of a name as Lecrae if not bigger.

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